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Monday, 21 December 2009, Jakarta — Around 150 bidders at Larasati’s second Bali sale on Sunday, December 13, at the Tony Raka Art Gallery witnessed a strong showing on traditional Balinese paintings and paintings inspired by Bali, with their bidding netting a total amount of IDR 6,2 billion, 154% higher than the first Bali sale conducted by Larasati at Maya Ubud in 2006.


Of the 159 lots on offer, the most expensive pieces of artworks sold included Anton Huang’s Two Dancer and Nyoman Meja’s Memburu Musang Nakal, at IDR 712 million and IDR 384 million respectively (including buyer’s premium).


Other auction highlights included Arie Smit’s Temple in the Hills, whose selling price of IDR 204 million (including buyer’s premium) and two works by Nyoman Meja titled Berlatih Sampai Malam & Tari Topeng Tua which sold at IDR 192 million and IDR 144 million respectively (including buyer’s premium).


Among the best performers was the work by I Wayan Sadia’s Pasar Ikan (Fish Market) which sold for IDR 144 million (including buyer’s premium), 411% above the starting price, making it the most sought-after lot in the 4-hour sale that day. Other top performing lots were Dewa Putu Mokoh’s Mengintip Arak-Arakan which fetched IDR 66 million (including buyer’s premium), 367% higher than the starting price, while both Made Sukada’s Petikan Wayang and Anak Agung Gede Raka Puja’s Mendirikan Menara which sold at IDR 96 million and IDR 90 million (including buyer’s premium) respectively each recorded a sale of 320% higher than the starting price.


A truly great sale and triumph for Balinese modern and traditional arts. It was the collectors NOT the investors who dominated the room. What an encouraging prospect– Daniel Komala, President & CEO, Larasati Auctioneers.